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Looking Back at NEC's History

Looking Back at NEC's History

Here you can take a look at past articles from past issues of the NEC Technical Journal that will bring to light the history and technology of NEC. Whether they introduce you to facts or technologies you never heard of before or whether they help you recall a past that you may have forgotten, reading these articles a fascinating trip down memory lane, one that's well worth the time.

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Committed to advancing healthcare technology for more than five decades

Japan’s healthcare system is under growing stress as it struggles to deal with such issues as shortages of doctors, nurses, and caregivers and a decline in the number of experienced technical staff, as well as the need for efficient interdepartmental sharing of medical information, improved healthcare quality, reduced medical malpractice, strengthened preventive medicine, and a means of addressing the exponential increase in foreign patients. This issue takes a retrospective look at the various solutions for medical and health providers NEC has offered over the past five decades and examines the technologies developed during that time.

Published September 30, 2019

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Face recognition technology is used in a wide range of areas, including national infrastructure applications such as immigration control and national IDs, security enhancement applications such as entrance and exit control and mobile phone and computer login security, as well as applications to enhance the sophistication of corporate services, and equipment embedding applications. This article provides an introduction to NEC's face recognition technology, which is proudly regarded as world-class, and looks back on the history of its research and development.

Published September 28, 2018

World's best face recognition technology achieves a safe and secure society

World's best face recognition technology achieves a safe and secure society

One of the biggest social issues facing Japan today is the declining workforce brought on by a falling birthrate and a rapidly aging population. To cope with labor shortages, many businesses are forced to ask their employees to put in much longer hours of work than is ideal. Under the leadership of the Japanese government, many companies are now committed to promoting what they call "Work Style Reform." In this issue, we take a look at technologies and solutions that NEC has been actively developing and promoting support which support "Work Style Reform."

Published March 19, 2018

NEC communication technologies that support "Work Style Reform"

NEC communication technologies that support "Work Style Reform"

NEC’s space technology roared into the public consciousness with the return to Earth of Hayabusa, an asteroid probe that rendezvoused with an asteroid, collected samples, and brought them back to Earth in 2009. In this article, we’ll retrace the steps that led to the development of this amazing space probe and take a closer look at the NEC space technologies that made it possible.

Published March 7, 2017

Reaching for the stars - the story of NEC’s space technology

Reaching for the stars — the story of NEC’s space technology

Biometric authentication is fast becoming one of the most popular and secure methods of identity verification, ideal for logging into PCs or bank ATMs. NEC is one of the world’s leading developers of biometric authentication technologies. NEC has more than 40 years of experience in fingerprint identification technology and ranks first in identification accuracy.

Published July 10, 2015

NEC’s fingerprint identification technology is acclaimed worldwide

NEC’s fingerprint identification technology is acclaimed worldwide

Featured in this edition is the NEC head office building (NEC Super Tower), which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Completed in January 1990, the NEC Super Tower is also called the "rocket building" because of its unique shape.

Published May 22, 2015

Cover of NEC Technical Journal, Vol.43 No.6

25th anniversary of the completion of NEC's head office building